GCGSCL receives gas from Dankuni Coal Complex (DCC) and this gas flows through the metering station at DCC up to DCC township PRS. The downstream pipeline of DCC township PRS crosses Delhi Road and is diverted into two sections. One section supplies gas to M/S Anmol & Mukund Food products. The other section supplies to M/S Sona biscuit, Mohan biscuit, Manna food products & Ganges valley on Delhi Road. The pipeline has been extended upto Rishra station.

The main transmission pipeline runs through the eastern boundary of Durgapur Expressway and western flank of NH-2 and then reaches Bally PRS through Pig receiving terminal and Off take point near NH2/NH6 crossing. At DCC Township PRS, the pressure is reduced to 3.5kg/cm2. From Bally PRS gas is supplied to both Howrah & Kolkata gas grid. The Howrah grid passes Off take point (NH2—NH6 junction) and then along NH6 & Benaras Road for supplying of Gas to consumers in Howrah.

From 1998, GCGSCL has taken over the maintenance of location of DPL pipeline of from Baruipara to Bally. This section runs along the eastern side of Howrah-Burdwan Railway chord line and from Dankuni station along western flank of Sealdah-Dankuni railway line.

From the outlet manifold of Bally PRS, the twin pipelines reach Bally Ghat Valve station on the western bank of river Ganga. From here one pipeline laid to facilitate gas supply to the intending industries uo to Belur Math.

The Kolkata bound pipeline crosses river Ganga under both sides of Vivekananda Bridge. On way to Kolkata there are Dakhineswar Valve stations, Chiriamore Valve station. A tapping has been made at Sabedabagan, near Dunlop for supplying gas to Kamrhaty PRS. From Kamrhaty PRS consumers like ECL, Raja biscuit etc. are supplied gas.

The pipelines in B T Road are running along western flank and there is another tapping to connect with Lock Gate PRS from which consumers like Bala Techno, White Products, Bharat Dyers etc. get coal gas.

The pipeline reaches Rajabazar through the Hemanta setu and eastern flank of Canal West Road. From Rajabazar PRS, gas is supplied to the bulb factories of Beliaghata and other domestic & commercial consumers.

From Rajabazar, pipeline reaches Alipore taking the route of Canal West Road, South Sealdah Road, Convent Lane, CIT Road, Sundari Mohan Avenue, Surawardi Avenue and eastern flank of AJC Bose Road where a tapping is made for Park Circus PRS. From Park Circus PRS domestic & Commercial Consumers are supplied gas.

From Park Circus PRS, the pipeline goes through Park Street, Rawdon Street, Camac Street, Ho-Chi Minh sarani, JawaharlalNehru Road crossing, Cathedral Road, Queens Road, Hospital Road, A.J.C. Bose Road crossing, D.L. Khan Road, D.L. Khan Bridge, Belveder Road, Judges Court Road crossing, Alipore Road, Burdwan Road crossing, Alipore Park Road, Raja Santosh Road, along the underpass of the Majherhat Bridge and finally along the western flank of approach road to Majherhat Bridge to be connected to the Alipore PRS. From Alipore PRS Industrial consumers at Taratolla Industrial belt, domestic & commercial consumers are supplied gas.



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In the City of Kolkata
South : Up to Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, Jadavpur
West : Up to Garden Reach Ship builders on Circular Garden Reach Road, Taratola Junction.
North : Dumdum, South Sinthi & Lake Town and from Kamarhati to Khardah along B.T. Road and Nilgunge Road.

In the City of Howrah
Benaras Road, Bellileous Road, G T Road.

In the Hooghly District
Dankuni & Rishra Industrial belt along NH-2