* Place the gas burners in a well ventilated place.

* Open all the windows and doors of your kitchen at least 5 minutes before your light your gas burner.

* If there is no smell of gas including leakage, open the cock slowly and light the burner.

* In case of backfire while lighting your burner, immediately close the cock. After some time you may go for lighting the burner again.

* Always keep the tube cock closed when the burner is not in use.

* Rubber tubing of the burner should be laid in such a manner so as to avoid sharp bends.

* Note that tube cocks, burners and other appliances are not defective and there is no leakage of gas from those. Change / repair them as necessary.

* Change the rubber tube at regular interval.

* Close the meter cock if the leak is from the meter of from any point at the outlet of meter.

* If anybody inhales gas, remove him to nearest hospital for medical treatment.

* If the gas supply suddenly goes off, close down the tube cock and contact the concern Zonal office.
   * If you smell gas before opening the tube cock do not light your burner. There may be leakage from somewhere. In such cases do not operate electrical switch or bring any naked fire inside the room.

   * If gas supply suddenly goes off while using your burner,do not keep the cock open.

  * Donít allow any-body to sleep in the kitchen or in the room where burner is installed.